NetPilot Internet Security create Internet security and productivity products and tools for businesses as well as defence and education sectors - enhancing customer networks including those embracing cloud technology.

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New SB-25

New SoHoBlue-25 model! Ideal for organisations that want to make full use of new high speed fibre optic broadband services and have full speed UTM security protection.

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Ideal for organisations with up to 100 users, the SoHoBlue range comprises sophisticated yet easy to use security devices for small and medium sized businesses.

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Ideal for organisations with 100 to 1000 users, the latest generation NetPilot rackmount models integrate an unparalleled array of Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities.

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Latest Offers

Renew with Blue - Great offers on SoHoBlue and NetPilot. Buy two years UTM subscription and get free appliance hardware plus extra third year UTM and much much more!

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Product Support

We look to provide 100% up time for your NetPilot and SoHoBlue products by putting in 100% effort in to our support services.

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Product Excellence

We maintain product excellence through our own highly skilled team and in close cooperation with key technology partners, coupled with high calibre sales and support through accredited channel partners.

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Internet Security: UTM and VPNs

Unified Threat Management
NetPilot Internet Security Ltd. has fifteen years' experience in designing and manufacturing internet security products. We have given organisations of all shapes and sizes the peace of mind to use the internet in a way that works for them. From the Unified Threat Management (UTM) multifunctional security devices for small businesses all the way up to highly secure Virtual Private NetWorks (VPNs) for larger businesses and UK armed forces.

and Safety

Powerful Content Filtering
Our product's enable your business or school to understand, filter, and monitor internet use, while providing effective control over outbound web access and protection against the web-based threats you will undoubtedly encounter. We protect both users and pupils as well as the organisation's network infrastructure. User productivity can be increased, while preserving bandwidth for real education or business-related activities.

Secure Cloud

Cloud Ready - Cloud Safe
To many 'the Cloud' is still a mystery. 'What is it and what can it do for us?' are common questions. Centralised internet connected file sharing and/or backup services such as 'Dropbox' have gained real popularity because they are genuinely of business benefit. Evolving cloud technologies introduce the prospect of differing security threats. However, we have introduced our 'Cloud Ready - Cloud Safe' program to assist in this respect.

New SohoBlue-25

Our NEW compact UTM product packs a mighty performance punch for SME businesses that want to make full use of new fibre optic broadband services which operate at speeds up to 80Mbps. The new unit is ideal for organisations with up to 25 users that need to deploy a UTM security device that does not slow their network down. It comes with a 12 month license for the full repertoire of UTM security defences and has built in 802.11n WiFi - specifically configured for BYOD situations.

Enter Our Survey and Win!

Answer six simple questions!
We want to find out what internet services you are using and what you think about elements such as security, productivity and connectivity. We will hold a Prize Draw from those submitting a completed survey. Top prize is one of our brand new SoHoBlue-25 units with a full 12 months UTM subscription! We will announce the survey results along with the prize draw winners in the near future. So please give us your thoughts! We will be very interested in your responses. To enter the server click on the link below:


BYOD – What is it?


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