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NetPilot Internet Security (NIS) Ltd is a UK company with fifteen years of experience of developing and manufacturing internet security and productivity appliances.
The company was formed with the specific intent of focusing on core values of product excellence and conducting business only through close partnership with the channel – principles which the company still follows today.Since 1998 NetPilot security products has given organisations of all shapes and sizes the peace of mind to use the internet in a way that works for them.
NIS and its channel, focus on supplying solutions to SME markets with other key verticals being education and supplying into government – notably providing equipment for the RAF. From the Unified Threat Management (UTM) multifunctional security devices for small businesses all the way up to larger network connectivity and security solutions – NetPilot has led the way.
The power of technology and the internet to offer broader, more flexible and more innovative ways of working is vast, limited only by imagination and willingness of people to try new things. But with this power comes the risks inherent in relying on vulnerable networks and systems – breaches of security, lost productivity through downtime and misuse of resources – all potential issues that need to be addressed.
At the heart of our philosophy is the key principle of working closely with partners to develop new ways of combining and adapting technologies to tailor solutions to customers’ needs. As a UK-based company with a flexible approach to business, we offer the capability, expertise and enthusiasm that are essential to delivering the right solution for our customers.

Latest Releases

21-January-2014 : NIS Launches new SoHoBlue-25

Bristol based NetPilot Internet Security Ltd, Launches Fastest UTM Product needed for Full Speed Fibre Connectivity

NetPilot Internet Security (NIS) Ltd., the internet security specialist has launched a new high performance product aimed at those SME businesses that want to make full use of new fibre optic broadband services which operate at speeds up to 80Mbps. The new SoHoBlue-25 unit is ideal for organisations with up to 25 users that need to deploy a UTM security device that does not slow their network down. It comes with a full repertoire of defences to safeguard against the growing number of internet threats.

03-October-2013 : NIS Survey – UK SME Cloud Adoption

Latest Survey from NIS Shows UK SMEs are Concerned about Security and Reliability of Cloud Services – with Connectivity an Issue for Many

We conducted a survey of 260 UK SME businesses as we wanted an accurate understanding of what was happening as regards Cloud adoption – what works for UK SMEs and is being implemented successfully and what exactly are the concerns and deterrents to Cloud deployment. Our survey found that traditional in-house IT is alive and well but Cloud services are being used where appropriate to complement and enhance – rather than stimulate outright replacement programs. High on the list of concerns regarding Cloud adoption are issues of data security, support and reliability – reoccurring themes. What our survey highlights, which has been previously been largely ignored by other studies, is that for some the speed and reliability of broadband connectivity is a deterrent to Cloud adoption.

Our Team

Development and Manufacturing

We are somewhat unusual in that we design and manufacturer all our products in the UK - just outside of Bristol. We know what is required for the UK market, because we reside here and we listen to listen to our customers!


Our support team is also located in the UK. Our friendly team is primarily there to help our reseller partners but will answer calls and emails from end users who feel they want to turn to the manufacturer for whatever reason. We pride ourselves in doing the very best we can to keep customers securely internet connected and operational.


Our sales team works in true partnership with our reseller channel. We regularly hold sales training updates and are always available to assist via phone or email - or unusually for a manufacturer - in person. Our professional and reponsive approach is exactly what we would hope for in dealing with a supplier.