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Each of our product lines and areas of operation has a dedicated website providing detailed information.

NetPilot Range

The latest generation NetPilot rackmount models integrate all the key hardware and software elements, together with an unparalleled array of Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, into a single internet security appliance. NetPilot reduces complexity and protects users from multiple internal and external threats by combining multiple protection measures into a single appliance. NetPilot comes complete with industry leading VPN capabilities and an accredited firewall. Sitting at the gateway to the network, NetPilot offers a number of subscription-based Unified Threat Management services, including Sophos anti-virus, anti-spam, advanced firewall, Email policy controls and URL content filtering using McAfee technology. For more information:

SoHoBlue Range

SoHoBlue is a sophisticated yet easy to use security system for small businesses. Using the very highest standards of internet security it offers a full range of protection for all the PCs on your network. Best of all it keeps itself automatically updated against the latest threats to your system, so you don’t need to spend time worrying about whether you’re protected.

There are three desktop models in the range for up to 25 users: the SoHoBule-25; for up to 50 users:  the SoHoBlue-50 ; and for up to 100 users: the SoHoBlue-100.

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