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Safenet IPSec VPN PC Client

About Safenet VPN PC Client
Some configurations and compatibility issues mean that there is still a place for some use of the Safenet IPSec client. If you wish to purchase this client please contact Safnet.

The IPSec VPN Client is designed to be loaded on a standalone PC (not connected to a LAN) running any recent Windows operating system including 98, NT4, Me, 2000 and XP. The PC needs to be equipped with a modem for a dial up connection to an Internet point of presence (POP). The PC and Client can then be used to communicate with a NetPilot which is equipped with a VPN option

The IPSec client is the ideal solution for staff who are so called 'road warriors' - sales and support staff who are often away from the office, and typically are equipped with a laptop computer. Alternatively, a network manager who needs to to gain out of hours access to the HQ site, can dial into the main office from home.

Support for NAT-T

With software Release 3.0.5 operational on the target NetPilot and Version 10 of the Safenet IPSec Client in use a remote PC, a user sat behind a NATed firewall can connect transparently through both the local firewall and the NetPilot to see centrally located LAN resources.

New Test Server -

> More information on how to configure your client in standard or NAT-T mode see test server site can be found here:

> Documents on configuring client including NAT-T element and testing with the DemoPilot server : Click here!

Something better for groups of remote users - NetPilot Remote
If you need to connect multiple users from a remote location - NetPilot Lite is the ideal solution.

Important Info on Client Software
NetPilots no longer include any bundled SafeNet SoftRemote VPN licenses with each unit following the introduction of OpenVPN. SafeNet is the only Equiinet Certified IPSec client to work with the NetPilot family of products. If customers wish to purchase the IPSec client please contact Safnet.

The NetPilot VPN Client supports all recent Windows operating systems including 98, NT4, Me, 2000 and XP.

To see Safenet SoftRemote LT datasheet : Please Click Here!

Support URL for Safenet : Click Here!

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