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Webmail FAQs

Q: Which NetPilot models will support NetPilot WebMail?

A: Any current product : NetPilot 3, NetPilot Plus Plus or NetPilot Enterprise family products running software 2.17 or greater. NetPilot MK2.2 will also support a small number of remote access sessions.

Q: How many users can simultaneously access NetPilot WebMail?

A: Equiinet do not recommend more than 10 simultaneous remote access WebMail sessions on NetPilot 3, NetPilot Plus or Enterprise units - assuming that the NetPilot unit and the Internet WAN link is also reasonably well loaded with email (in and out), and loaded with local LAN based users also undertaking browsing through the same WAN link. If higher speed Internet feeds are being using with less LAN based browsing and email traffic then proportionately more WebMail sessions can be supported.

Q: How much does NetPilot WebMail cost?

A: Its free to all NetPilot customers. Its included within the NetPilot standard software.

Q: Do you have a printable documentation giving more details on NetPilot WebMail?

A: Yes certainly. View documentation in our SmartStore, by following this link: Click here!

Q: Do you have a printable documentation giving more details on Calendaring?

A: Yes certainly. View documentation in our SmartStore by following this link: Click here!

Q: How do I access WebMail?

A: The NetPilot administrator needs to set up a user account in the standard fashion. Point your browser at http://NetPilot/WebMail or htttp://Ipaddress/webmail, where Ipaddress is the LAN1 address of your NetPilot unit. You will be prompted with a login prompt where you submit the user account name and password.

Q: When should I use a standard client rather than WebMail?

A: Most LAN based users will get better functionality from using a client such as Outlook. All the emails are also held on individual users PCs, so the NetPilot is not clogged up with lots of old emails.

Q: So what is the main application for WebMail?

A: Perhaps the best use is for remote access users - people on the road such as sales and support staff - who have access to a PC with a browser and just need to quickly review what email has come while they are out of the office. When they come back in the office they would download the complete email using a conventional client such as Outlook.


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