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powered Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Two options are available. Firstly Anti-Virus scanning of emails and secondly scanning of browsing sessions. UTM Standard comes with just the former option, while UTM Premium comes with both options.

NetPilot Vanguard and Globemaster units ship with 12 month subscriptions of UTM Premium - with both AV options powered by Sophos. NetPilot Guardsman ships with UTM Standard AV for email only, which is based on ClamAV as part of the licence pack.

When the email option is enabled, emails are scanned against a pre-loaded set of 'Virus Signatures'. If emails contain any viruses they will be deleted, and warning emails describing the problem will be (optionally) sent to the sender, the addressees, and the NetPilot Administrator.

The concept of having a single centralised point - at the gateway to the Internet - to scan incoming emails for viruses is of great appeal - rather than multiple virus packages loaded loaded on multiple PCs. Life is then much simpler for the administrator - as the NetPilot automatically keeps things up to date, and much simpler for the ordinary user - because the anti-virus process is completely transparent.

For browsing sessions, the NetPilot will check all pages and downloads against the same virus database as used for checking emails.

The Sophos powered functionality is available for NetPilot Plus and NetPilot Enterprise products in UTM Premium. NetPilot Lite products use UTM Standard AV for anti-virus scanning. The following Q&A will cover many issues. If you have further questions please click on the email information request with your particular queries.

Why is this facility also called gateway scanning?
This defines where we do the virus scanning - at the gateway between your local LAN and the Internet.

Why is this type of scanning often more flexible and powerful than scanning at my ISP ?
A major benefit for gateway Scanning over externally managed ISP services is that it also scans for viruses in emails sent across an internal network - i.e. all emails sent between fellow employees of the same organisation will flow through NetPilot's virus scanner and stop internally generated infection.

Other major benefits over external services include, the ability to block viruses emanating not only from the organisation's designated main email accounts, but also any other mail accounts at other ISPs, that are used on a permanent or ad hoc basis. For example a rogue user collecting email from a private account to his desktop PC, will by-pass the external managed service and potentially infect the whole organisation.

Why is scanning at a gateway often more flexible and powerful than scanning on my desktop PCs ?
Where gateway scanning particularly adds value above and beyond both simple desktop and external scanning is when networks are opened up for mobile users and visitors temporarily plug their notebooks into a network. While a network manager may be able to implement adequate policies and actual deployment of anti virus solutions on desktop PCs, the likelihood is he has far less control over portable computers. These PCs, by their very nature, are more likely to have anti virus solutions that are not kept up to date and are being connected to multiple sources of infection. Scanning on the NetPilot automatically prevents viruses being spread by visitors or mobile workers when they connect into the organisation's LAN.

How much do the Anti-virus Scanning facility cost ?
For new models the first 12 months is bundled into the NetPilot product price - so nothing additional.

To find out more about second year pricing: Click Here!

Which NetPilot models and software versions will support Anti-virus Scanning ?
All current NetPilot models.

Where can I order a Anti-virus Scanning Subscription ?
You can order a subscription as part of an UTM Licence pack online - Click Here!

What do I receive regarding Anti-virus Scanning when I obtain my new NetPilot?
You receive a physical enabling pack containing a license document, key codes and appropriate documentation.

What do I receive when I pay for a Anti-virus Scanning Subscription for an existing NetPilot or a subsequent year's renewal ?
You receive key codes and appropriate documentation by mail or email.

What happens at the end of the one year subscription period?
The NetPilot administrator is contacted to see if his organisation wishes to renew its subscription. If the renewal is taken up then the service continues. If the renewal is not taken up, Anti-virus Scanning ceases to operate.

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