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What is UTM?

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Overview

In a nutshell, Unified Threat Management products integrate multiple security features, such as anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems into a single secure appliance.

While Internet appliances such as the NetPilot appliance range have been offering Internet security features for over twelve years, the new elements that make UTM different from what has gone before are essentially twofold.

Firstly, appliances now offer much more than basic firewalling which is in fact where they all started. Top of the security wish list after firewall for most end users is protection from viruses. Beyond that, their requirements now probably include content filtering, anti-spam and protection from other Internet derived malware. Probably the most notable recent market introductions concern integration of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

Secondly, the leading market research company tracking the Appliance market sector IDC, came up with the UTM definition which gives the industry some terminology and standardisation to help customers assessing these products can make sensible comparisons. IDC's description of UTM is given below:

"In attempting to reduce complexity and protect users from blended threats a new type of security solution is fast emerging which integrates a range of key security features into a single appliance. IDC, in recognizing this new solution type, has identified a new category of security appliance called unified threat management. Such appliances unify firewall, gateway anti virus, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities into a single platform,"
Oliver Harcourt, senior research analyst, European Enterprise Server Solutions, IDC.

"The emerging unified threat management security appliance market is transforming the single-function appliance into one that offers multiple security features in a single platform. These appliances will be popular because they offer substantial advantages in performance, convenience, and choice to customers, resellers, and product vendors."
Charles Kolodgy , research director for Security Products at IDC.

UTM Premium - What is it ?

UTM Premium is our terminology for its NetPilot implementation that goes beyond provision of basic UTM components such as firewall, Anti-Virus and IDS/IPS .It includes AV for email and browsing from Sophos, anti-spam, email policy controls, URL filtering, anti-spyware, advanced firewall, IDS/IPS, and access to the software upgrade service

In particular, UTM Premium includes URL content filtering to stop obvious security threats such as Spyware - but also highly undesirable content such as porn which carries threats of potential legal entanglements for companies. In addition UTM Premium blocks Spam which helps in negating email based porn as well as blocking huge numbers of time wasting junk emails and also reduces exposure to Phishing attempts.


UTM Standard What is it ?

UTM Standard was initially a special UTM implementation done just for the NetPilot Guardsman . Now it has also been made available as renewal option for other products.

UTM Standard comprises the key UTM facilities and is designed for users who don't need all the advanced features offered by UTM Premium. UTM Standard includes AV for email based on Clam, anti-spam, email policy controls, URL filtering, advanced firewall and access to the software upgrade service.


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