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NetPilot SSL VPN Plus from NeoAccel

SSL VPN Plus is a breakthrough in secure network access that delivers the ease of use and zero-client administration of SSL VPNs with the functional benefits of conventional IPSec VPNs, but with far greater throughput.

Faster, easier and less expensive to deploy than IPSec VPNs, SSL VPN Plus reduces costs and increases IT control by eliminating the configuration, management and support complexities of IPSec VPN clients. Able to perform in both client-to-site configurations and site-to-site configurations, SSL VPN Plus is the IPsec VPN replacement for secure remote access.

End-To-End Security Compliance

All new generation NetPilot appliances come with Neoaccel 3 rd Generation SSL VPN Plus built-in. A free 30-day SSL VPN Plus trial licence is included with every NetPilot. After the 30-day trial period a full licence is required. Licence costs are based upon the number of concurrent users (CCU's) required.

An increasingly hostile Internet provides major security challenges. Ensuring your data is protected from source to destination is becoming more and more important. The advent of Cloud computing only increases the need for strong encryption and policy enforcement from end point to end point.

With NetPilot incorporating SSL VPN Plus you can be certain that your data remains secure as it transverses the Internet. All data is encapsulated in an SSL tunnel and endpoint compliance is enforced. Unlike most other SSL solutions, comprehensive user based access controls and data leakage prevention come as standard. Full log and audit reporting is also included.

Normally complex security measures mean that performance and robustness of connection must be compromised. NetPilot incorporating SSL VPN Plus provides outstanding performance and robustness through patented TSSL (Transparent SSL) and ICAA (Intelligent Connection Acceleration Architecture). What this means in practice is that NetPilot with SSL VPN Plus provides throughput that exceeds IPSec and can even exceed wire speed performance.

NetPilot provides the highest possible level of end-to-end security, compliance and access controls whilst not compromising performance.

Complete Set of Features

Unlike other SSL VPN products that tack-on fees to use anything more than basic features, NetPilot SSL VPN PLus prices are all inclusive with every concurrent user (ccu) having access to all of the following features that come as standard with the NetPilot VPN Plus option.

NetPilot's SSL VPN Plus provides:

SSL VPN technologies tunnel private network traffic inside a second encrypted protocol for traversal over of the public Internet. This process has overhead but is compounded by the "TCP-over-TCP meltdown" which is inherent when encapsulating one protocol within another. Transmission control protocol (TCP) has various parameters (SYN, ACH, RTT) for setting retransmission times for the delivery of data from client to server in the event of packet loss.

However this repair and recover mechanism fails when encapsulated in a second TCP stream. If the encapsulating or Internet layer drops a packet (which is common even under ideal networking conditions) both TCP streams will attempt to correct the error and retransmit duplicate data. This exponentially queues up data transmissions and prevents the real private network data from promptly reaching its destination.

More Technical Information

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