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New NetPilot Product Range v Old Range

Some simple comparison charts are given below. For those familiar with the previous generation Netpilots, these comparisons highlight some of the key improvements and benefits of the new generation.

Range Models shown by 'Typical numbers of Users'

Typical Number of Users
Old NetPilot Model
New NetPilot Model
Remote Guardsman S2010
Lite Guardsman S2025
Plus Vanguard R2100
Enterprise Globemaster R2500

Range Models shown by Form Factor availability - Desktop or Rackmount

Old NetPilot Model
Old Format Options
New NetPilot Model
New Format Options
Remote Desktop Guardsman S2010 Desktop
Lite Desktop Guardsman S2025 Desktop
Plus Desktop Vanguard S/R2100 Desktop or 1U Rackmount
Globemaster R2250 1U Rackmount
Enterprise 2U Rackmount Globemaster R2500 1U Rackmount

Key highlights in the new range, regarding form factor include:
- The availability of 1U rackmount versions for the new mid-range Vanguard (no Plus option)
- The high-end is no longer a large 2U - but rather a more modern 1U Globemaster.
- Significantly all 1U enclosures are a mere 40cm deep meaning they can fit, if required, in small communications racks rather than the large 19" ultra deep racks required by older Enterprise units. In addition power requirements and noise is reduced.

Range Models shown by Software Versions and Functionality

Old NetPilot Model
Older Software
New NetPilot Model
New Software
Remote V5, VPN, FW Only Guardsman S2010 V6, VPN, UTM/S, opt SSL VPN Plus
Lite V5, VPN, UTM/S Guardsman S2025 V6, VPN, UTM/S, opt SSL VPN Plus
Plus V5, VPN, UTM/P Vanguard R2100 V6, VPN, UTM/P, opt SSL VPN Plus
Globemaster R2250 V6, VPN, UTM/P, opt SSL VPN Plus
Enterprise V5, VPN, UTM/P Globemaster R2500 V6, VPN, UTM/P, opt SSL VPN Plus

V5 Runs Operating System up to Version 5
V6 Runs Operating System Version 6 and beyond
VPN Supplied with standard IPSec and Open VPN
FW Only Does not run UTM of any type
UTM/S Supplied with 1 YR Standard UTM license
UTM/P Supplied with 1 YR Premium UTM license
opt SSL VPN May Optionally be upgraded with SSL VPN Plus (NeoAccel)

Key highlights in the new range, regarding software include:
- The new range all run V6 Operating system version.
- The new range all have the option to run NetPilot SSL VPN Plus from NeoAccel.



Range Models shown by Hardware Features

Old NetPilot Model
Old Hardware
New NetPilot Model
New Hardware
Remote Single Core, HDD, 128MBRAM Guardsman S2010 Single Core, SSD
Lite Single Core, HDD, 256MB RAM Guardsman S2025 Dual Core, SSD, 512MB RAM
Plus Single Core, HDD, 512MB RAM Vanguard S/R2100 Dual Core, SSD, 1GB or 2GB RAM
Globemaster R2250 Dual Core, SSD, 4GB RAM
Enterprise Dual Core, HDD, 1GB RAM Globemaster R2500 Quad Core, SSD, 4GB RAM

Key highlights in the new range, regarding software include:
- Typically twice as much memory and twice as many processors.
- Use of Solid State Drives(SSD) rather than Hard Drives (HDD) giving three times more performance
- Use of SDD makes the new range quieter and more reliable.
- New generation all come with next day advanced replacement service (one year).


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