Registration Help

Cannot find your MAC address?

- Log on as ADMIN on your unit
- Click on Maintenance
- Click on Network
- Click on Interface List link

The first Entry should be LAN (eth0) : and its set out as NN:NN:NN:NN:NN:NN
You can type this into the field with or without the ':' delimiters.

Note if you are a NetPilot Plus user - incorrect Serial Numbers
A batch of NetPilot Plus units that was shipped in June 2002 had incorrect serial numbers on both the underside of the unit and on the cardboard shipping box.

The format of the INCORRECT serial numbers was : 0130C222600nn (contains three 2's - 222 - ) They should have read : 0130C22600nn (should only be two 2's - 22 - )

The serial number printed on the rear panel of the NetPilot Plus is in fact correct !

This incudes adding licences for UTM Services and VPN.