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Renewing UTM and Support Service Licenses - Online Purchasing

The 'Renewal' process for second and subsequent years is very similar to adding a license for the first time - except you will be asked for less information - the system should have retained all your organisation's details etc.

If you are new to this process - follow the steps below. If you are still not sure, we recommend you utilise the services of one of our trained and accredited resellers.

Be aware that adding a new license overwrites an existing license for a particular service. So if your old license still has for example a month to run, and you want to stretch coverage out to the maximum, wait until a few days before expiry to complete the process. It's probably a good idea to not literally wait until the last minute!

Follow these three easy steps to Purchase and Renew your license.

Step One
Purchase a new subscription and obtain a new 'Proof Of Purchase' (POP) code.To purchase online : Click Here!

Step Two
Download and read the documentation appropriate to the License you need to renew.For various manuals - Click Here!

Step Three
Logon as ADMIN on to your unit and follow the steps in adding a license. Your new license will overwrite the old one, so there is no need to delete the old license.