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WebSafe4Schools Product Details


Full Unified Threat Management

WebSafe4Schools combines everything you need to protect your school network. Included in our package is a wide range of Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection measures - not just web filtering. We include a state-of-the-art firewall, as well as a full complement of tools to combat against all types of viruses and other threats – from Trojans and Worms , to Malware and Spyware. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that your school network is fully protected all of the time.

Best of Breed Protection

Rather than attempt to create all the software for WebSafe4Schools by ourselves, we have integrated packages from some of the world s foremost experts in internet security – McAfee and Sophos. We've done this to give you the extra peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your School is safe. These organisations have a presence in over 50 countries ensuring they get to tackle internet threats wherever and whenever they originate. So whatever you may hear about or read about, you will know you've got it covered.

Internet Filtering

WebSafe4Schools uses the combined power of two filtering approaches. Firstly, list based filtering technology from McAfee with over 90 web categories, including blocking of BECTA categories of Adult, Violence, Race/Hate, Illegal Drugs, Criminal Skills, and Gambling. Secondly, it implements content filtering from NIS. This means the system can review the content of uncategorised pages before they are displayed.

WebSafe4Schools also provides for Google/Bing SafeSearch enforcement – preventing searching for inappropriate images and pages.

Keyword and phrase filtering allows schools to build or amend their own dictionaries of undesirable words and phrases to block.

Protection against malware, viruses and spam

Today's network security threats are much more sustained and malevolent than they were two or three years ago. Cyber criminals have become far more efficient and ruthless.

Your school network can be compromised by pupils or staff inadvertently downloading malicious software from either genuine or rogue websites.

WebSafe4Schools provides two highly effective defences against this type of attack. Firstly , WebSafe4Schools automatically looks up on its large online databases to see if the site you are about to browse is known to contain malware, blocking access and preventing infection if this is the case. Secondly , it can scan website information before it reaches your PC - and checks to see if it contains viruses or other malware and blocks activation of anything potentially harmful.

WebSafe4 Schools will also stop the majority of spam emails targeted at your school. It can prevent or highlight common scams being tried by cyber criminals.

Controlled and logged access

WebSafe4 Schools is fully compatible with school Active Directory systems for secure logon and applying access policies appropriate to individual pupils and staff members.

Filtering policies are extremely flexible and easily modified.

Audit logs of who has visited which websites are available, along with analysis tools.

State-of-the-art Firewall

WebSafe4Schools incorporates an excellent firewall which protects against external threats such as a ‘Denial-of-Service' attack. It also prevents against internal threats e.g. preventing access to unauthorised services being setup from the school network to an external service or servers.

Meeting guidelines

WebSafe4Schools has been designed to exceed the former BECTA organisation's filtering products and services requirement specifications. It also incorporates the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Child Sexual Abuse Images and Content (CAIC) list.

Installation and ongoing maintenance

WebSafe4Schools is simple to install and comes pre-configured with all the addressing and default filtering profiles required for your school. Depending on your requirements, NIS can undertake full installation and commissioning of hardware and software. Of course , should you need a helping hand, during installation or beyond, tel e phone support is available from our dedicated support team.

WebSafe4Schools will look after itself, keeping itself automatically updated with the latest security software to ensure your school continues to benefit from enterprise-level security and protection at a fraction of the cost.

High reliability

WebSafe4Schools has been designed to offer both high performance and high reliability . As the system uses solid state memory storage technology and not hard disks found on PCs and servers it is not only much faster and more reliable, but also quieter.

Hardware Warranty

WebSafe4Schools comes with a full 3 year warranty. In the very rare event of the unit failing during this warranty period, you will be sent a replacement system by courier, to arrive no later than the next school day already pre configured to fit straight into your network.

Working alone or in tandem

WebSafe4Schools can act as the sole security device at a school gateway with the internet or in tandem with services offered by local authorities or service providers.



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