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WebSafe4Schools Product Models


The WebSafe4Schools Range of Models

WebSafe4Schools has been designed to offer both high performance and high reliability. To improve reliability over previous generation internet security devices WebSafe4Schools has no rotating disk drives - having much faster and more reliable sold-state storage.

Each model carefully tuned and tested to provide the fastest throughputs over high performance broadband and fibre optic circuits.

WebSafe4Schools is easy to configure and comes with helpful guides. Telephone support is available if you need help. Units keep themselves automatically updated with all the latest countermeasures.

All WebSafe4Schools models come with 3 years subscription to security software updates and a 3 year hardware warranty with a next school day hardware replacement service.



WebSafe4Schools-50 is ideal for primary schools with up to 50 PCs or other devices. Despite being the entry-level model of our range it easily out-performs mid-range models of some of the biggest names in the networking business.



WebSafe4Schools -100

WebSafe4Schools-100 is ideal for larger primary and middle schools with up to 100 PCs or other devices.



WebSafe4Schools-250, -500 and -1000 models

WebSafe4Schools-250 and -500 are ideal for secondary schools with up to 250 or 500 PCs.

The new WebSafe4Schools-1000 is ideal for very large secondary schools and colleges with up to 1000 PCs.





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