What is DNSRazor Internet Filtering?

DNSRazor internet filtering service is a fully customizable cloud-based solution that defends your organisation against malware and phishing exploits, as well as blocking access to time-wasting sites and material deemed offensive.

Highly flexible and fully scalable, DNSRazor is fully configurable for all organisations. DNSRazor has several pre-set configurations, which allows effective deployment in minutes. DNSRazor enables organisations to fully tailor access to web content for both employees and guests. DNSRazor is a fully managed DNS filtering service, which is developed and maintained in partnership with NetPilot Global Ltd to provide businesses with a quick and simple method of protecting users from online threats and data mining.

Our 24/7 Cloud-based solution checks your DNS lookups against our proprietary RazorTI Threat Intelligent database.

Who are we

NetPilot Global Ltd (NGL) is a UK based Company with over twenty years of experience of developing and manufacturing internet security appliances and software solutions.

The company was formed with the specific intention of focusing on our core values of product excellence and conducting business exclusively through our network of value-added resellers.

Since 1998 NetPilot Global products have given organisations of all shapes and size the peace of mind to use the internet in a way that works for them. Over 70,000 NetPilot security platforms have been deployed worldwide.

NetPilot Global Ltd customers include

Internet Service Providers, Businesses and Educational organisations that want to protect against ongoing threats and data mining activities.

Product Overview

DNSRazor deployment is straightforward to set up, and no on-site software or hardware is required. After a simple configuration change to your router or DNS servers, all DNS traffic is routed through our DNSRazor servers hosted by AWS, providing worldwide resilience. these servers are predefined with categories such as malware, spam and pornography. Selected categories are deployed in seconds and can be updated as your organisation requires.

Optionally larger customers, with very high workloads, have the option of a dedicated deployment of our DNSRazor Servers at any Managed Service Provider (MSP).

DNSRazor Key Features

Feature Description
Category-based content filtering DNS filtering that includes category-based filtering controls will allow acceptable usage policies to be quickly applied. DNSRazor provides categories. Category-based filtering can be used to block content such as pornography, social media websites, gambling and gaming sites with ease. These are the most common productivity-draining sites and the most frequently blocked. Category-based filtering is sufficient for most organisations to ensure all inappropriate website content is blocked.
Bypass and Exceptions Allow web sites that would otherwise be blocked when using category-based controls.
Multi-language support DNSRazor supports multiple languages to ensure content can be controlled irrespective of the language used on the site.
Anti-phishing and malware protection Today cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated methods to install malware on enterprise networks. DNSRazor offers protection from malware, ransomware, spyware, adware and botnets. SSL Supported.
White-label software for MSPs and resellers If you are a Managed Service Provider or Reseller planning to offer content control and Internet security services to your clients, DNSRazor DNS filtering can be provided in white label format. It can also be beneficial to have the option of hosting the solution within your own infrastructure or in a private cloud. Not all providers offer this option.

Benefits of Internet Access Control

Organisations may want to control Internet access for several reasons. Scammers and hackers rely on the weakest link in an organisation´s online security. Often this turns out to be their employees who may unintentionally expose the organisations’ network and computers to phishing campaigns and redirects to malicious websites. It only takes one employee to reveal their login credentials or one click on a spam email for the security of an entire network to potentially be compromised.

By controlling Internet lookups with DNSRazor, organisations prevent users from visiting websites that may compromise network security. These websites not only include locations are known to be harbouring malware, but those likely to contain risks.

Other reasons to control Internet access with DNSRazor include:

  1. The prevention of “cyber-slacking”. By controlling access to the Internet and eliminating opportunities for online time-wasting, organisations can enhance productivity in the workplace.
  2. Creating a better working environment. Prohibiting access to objectionable material such as pornography, racial hatred and religious intolerance, helps to prevent workplace discrimination.
  3. The prevention of illegal downloads. Technically, employers can be prosecuted for copyright infringement if they fail to implement measures to prevent a known illegal activity.
  4. Bandwidth savings. By restricting access to video streaming sites such as Netflix and YouTube, organisations ensure there is sufficient bandwidth for everyone at all times.

The Most Practical and Easy to Use DNS filtering solution

For many organisations, DNSRazor is the most practical and easy to use DNS filtering solution. It is easily deployed with the minimum of technical knowledge required.

DNSRazor is a 100% cloud-based DNS filtering solution that offers considerable cost benefits over hardware-based solutions. There is no need to purchase any appliances, no on-premise support staff is required, and there is no extra software to maintain.

DNSRazor Service Pricing

pricing is license-based, on a per-user basis. DNSRazor is offered in granular user blocks e.g. 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000>. NetPilot Global Ltd can provide bespoke packages for larger volumes and multi-site requirements. DNSRazor is supplied as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, and billing can be either monthly or annual. The initial contract period is either billed monthly or annually. After the initial contract period termination requires just 30 days’ notice. This makes the solution both cost-effective and flexible for all size organisations. Longer term contracts are available, and discounts are available for multi-year commitments.