NetPilot does a great job with regard to internet content filtering – but it does so much more. I can sleep at night knowing the College is protected.

We have never seriously considered moving away from NetPilot. In 11 years of use we have had no major issues. Of course we have had problems with internet access – but it’s always been something else. NetPilot devices have never let us down.

James Ewart, Network Manager - St Aloysius College

SoHoBlue has performed perfectly for us, with the added peace of mind that should any unit fail a replacement is provided as part of the purchase price. We have installed SoHoBlue at each of our outlets enabling secure communications back to our central administration to off-load as much back-end administration and accounting as possible, leaving our managers free to undertake the not inconsiderable tasks of managing front-of-house as far as possible.


Phillip Snook, Director of Gamebird Inns

We are very pleased with SoHoBlue, we could find no other solution providing the right combination of performance and security features at the price.

Lee Bryant, Managing Director