Free – An SME Guide to the Cloud

We have created an ‘SME Guide to the Cloud’, which covers the subject with emphasis on Security and Connectivity – two of our other key areas of focus!

We create products that can securely attach to the ‘Cloud’ for our customers and indeed for our own business use. In addition, we are an end user of several third-party Cloud services with which we combine traditional in-house IT. With our expertise in network security and the internet we think we can offer a slightly different and unbiased perspective, compared to those actually selling Cloud Computing solutions.

For us, creating this guide and conducting supporting surveys and studies has helped us validate our development strategies in helping provide reliable, high throughput connectivity and data security – issues being highlighted as serious concerns by prospective SME Cloud users.

We have enjoyed talking to SME businesses and Cloud Computing providers to compile this guide. We hope you find it of interest.

The guide has the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • So what is ‘Cloud Computing’ ?
  • Differing Types of Clouds
  • Services from Public Cloud providers
  • Creating a Cloud Checklist
  • Securing Connectivity to the Cloud
  • SME views on Cloud Deployment
  • Cloud Services SMEs actually use
  • SME Cloud Case Study
  • Building a Private Cloud
  • About Us

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