UTM Products – Why Pay a Third More for a Third of the Performance?

SoHoBlue-50 offers amazing price/performance when compared against comparable models licensed for 50 UTM users from Sophos, Sonicwall, Watchguard or Fortinet.


On average, theses competitors’ products cost £1184 at list price while the SoHoBlue list price is a third less at £799. Even more surprising the average UTM throughput of these more expensive competitive products is less than a third of the SoHoBlue-50! The average UTM throughput of these four (largely) US based competitors building their products in China is 270Mbps – while the the UK designed and UK built SoHoBlue-50 delivers an impressive 850Mbps UTM throughput.



Even second placed Sophos’s product – which has better than average performance of the 4 competitors – but is still 30% slower than SoHoBlue. On cost Sophos is average at approximately 30% more expensive than SoHoBlue.

Competitors’ performance figures are their own published statistics. Competitors’ UK prices are taken from a range of UK outlets.

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