Great Offers for Schools

Great Offers for Schools on Internet Filtering and Security packages

We can provide hardware, software and support services to provide your school with top quality Content Filtering plus a complete range of UTM security features including Gateway Anti-Virus and Firewalling, all for the equivalent of £2 per user (pupils and staff) per year*.

We believe you will get a much better deal for your school from us – both financially and equally importantly, you will gain greater flexibility by being directly in control of your school’s security.

*Assumes school with up to 500 PCs (or other devices) serving 1250 pupils and staff on a 3 year contract.

Bloxx Customers – We won’t leave you high and dry!

Unfortunately for some schools the discontinuation of Bloxx equipment has meant disruption and a requirement to look elsewhere to protect your school. The good news is we can offer a more powerful solution to Bloxx at a more attractive price.

As a special incentive for these schools we can not only make the generous offer explained above – but we will also provide free delivery, support and disposal of your old Bloxx unit.


More Offer Details: Flyer
Pricing: Details
Case Study: NetPilot School Filtering


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