Schools – Filtering Packages

We can provide hardware, software and support services to provide your school with top quality Content Filtering plus a complete range of UTM security features including Gateway Anti-Virus and Firewalling, all for the equivalent of £2 per user (pupils and staff) per year*.

We believe you will get a much better deal for your school from us – both financially and equally importantly, you will gain greater flexibility by being directly in control of your school’s security.

*Assumes school with up to 500 PCs (or other devices) serving 1250 pupils and staff on a 3 year contract.

For an informal discussion, contact our team on: +44 (0)117 335 7335
or email

Typical Pricing based on ‘Typical Number of Users’

Typical Number of Users
3 Year Cost
Price per User
per Year
Schools Pack – 50 PCs – ideal for primary school
Up to 200
Schools Pack – 100 PCs – ideal for larger primary
Up to 300
Schools Pack – 250 PCs – ideal for smaller secondary
Up to 650
Schools Pack – 500 PCs – ideal for larger secondary
Up to 1250

Packs include :
All hardware and software, plus next school day hardware replacement service in event of hardware failure.

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