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Why Netpilot and Fiskl?

Here at Netpilot we were spending way too much money on an old-style accounting platform, which was also way too complex. The final straw was when we were told there was no easy way to migrate to the latest cloud version.

A wise old sage told us to look at Fiskl and we did. We were so impressed we switched. We thought Fiskl is so good we wanted to tell all our customers about it.

For today’s mobile small businesses a fully mobile finance solution is essential, and this is a huge market opportunity!

At Netpilot we need to manage our business finances as on the go. Fiskl allows us to do just that. We don’t want to finish the day and spend hours dealing with finance and admin. Fiskl handles invoicing, tracking mileage and expenses and much more.

For Netpilot resellers who understand security, Fiskl is the most secure mobile financial management solution available. Fully encrypted from end to end and whilst data is at rest.

Here’s a one-minute video which gives you a quick overview of Fiskl:

Limited time offer

expires May 25th!

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Partners who register now will qualify for extra referral commissions on all Fiskl sales until the end of July.

Selling just one Fiskl “Prime“ subscription a week

produces an additional £4200 of revenue in the first year.

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Or if you’d like to find out more about Fiskl, take a look at our website or click the link below.
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If you would like to know more about a partnership with Fiskl please get in touch with myself or Nick Morse (

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