Important Information regarding Support of NetPilot and SoHoBlue

Recent true horror stories, concerning the compromising of networks and PCs on a truly global scale, underlines the vital importance of keeping all IT and Networking equipment fully updated with the latest versions of software.
We can see that happily, the vast majority of our customer-base are protected with our latest Unified Threat Management (UTM) software – Version v6.2.12 for both current SoHoBlue and NetPilot ranges.

Sadly, we can also see that some old V5 NetPilot units are still active despite being up to ten years old. These devices are running V5 software that was end-of-lifed some three years ago. We have made repeated announcements over the past three years that such organisations’ security could be compromised as no security upgrades for these devices are being issued by us. We have additionally provided financial incentives to assist in upgrading to a modern secure emvironment. So we feel we have gone far more than the extra mile to help.

We are providing the very last and final opportunity up until 1st July 2017, for those organisations who do want to upgrade to new equipment running the latest secure software, in assisting in this process. After this date we will politely decline to assist.

For V6 customers using more recent hardware, who are not running the the latest v6.2.12 software, customers need to ensure they have a valid UTM license. If this is in place your unit will automatically update.

For those V6 customers that have an out-of-date UTM license – your unit is not receiving security updates and is therefore  at risk – please take note! Unfortunately, without a valid UTM license or a valid in-date Software/Firmware/Support license we are unable to provide telephone support.

From 1st June 2017 our prices changed for  Software/Firmware/Support licenses. Please contact your NetPilot/SoHoBlue supplier or contact for details.

All our modern units – large or small – are capable of running our UTM Premium version software. In today’s securiy climate – we wholeheartedly recommend this as the best option for all organisations.

If your unit is maintained and supported by one of our partners please refer to them in regard of how this announcement may be relevant to your organisation. Otherwise please contact us.

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