New SoHoBlue Models win on both Performance and Price


New SoHoBlue Models win on both Performance and Price

The new SoHoBlue-50 and SoHoBlue-100 models clearly beat competitive models from Cyberoam, SonicWall and Watchguard on UTM throughput in recent independent tests and figures claimed by these competitors themselves. All SoHoBlue models come with WiFi connectivity as well as Gigabit wired connectivity. All models have a full complement of UTM software and come complete with a 12 month subscription to all software and security updates.



While NetPilot Internet Security’s SoHoBlue products are clearly lower cost than both SonicWall and Watchguard, Cyberoam have discounted their products to be a few pounds cheaper. When assessing all the support elements such as next-business-day hardware replacement service offered as standard by NetPilot – the SoHoBlue works out at better value overall.

UTM - RRP-50


Model comparison details:

SoHoBlue-25  v  Cyberoam 15wiNG  v  SonicWall TZ 205  v  Watchguard XTM 25-W
Competitive Review

SoHoBlue-50  v  Cyberoam 25wiNG  v  SonicWall NSA 220  v  Watchguard XTM 33-W
Competitive Review

SoHoBlue-100  v  Cyberoam 35wiNG  v  SonicWall NSA 250M  v  Watchguard XTM 330
Competitive Review

For more detailed competitive information – please email.


Proudly Built and Supported in the UK 

The SoHoBlue range is designed and assembled in the UK and all software is written and tested in the UK. NetPilot is a UK company providing support directed to its UK customers. We believe our knowledge of our market and what our customers’ value is second to none. Unlike all the others – you can actually talk to the key people within our organisation!


SoHoBlue Information

Spec Sheets

Model Comparison




The new SoHoBlue-50 and SoHoBlue-100 models complement existing SoHoBlue-25 shown below.

SoHoBlue-25 New Version 2 - Side view - white-H154S127-50










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