HTTPS Filtering and SSL Inspection on NetPilot & SoHoBlue

HTTPS Filter and SSL Inspection has been available from Version 6.2.0 and the following gives a brief overview. Background The HTTPS protocol was designed to provide secure means of communications between internet browsers and remote web servers. In order to achieve this, HTTPS uses SSL to encrypt data passing through connections from browser to remote server (and...
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V6.2.6 Feature Information for NetPilot and SoHoBlue units

This document decribes features in the forthcoming software version V6.2.6. WAN Failover Overview This new feature provides the means to automate switching to a backup WAN port (typically connected an alternative internet access WAN service), in the event of failure of the primary WAN port internet connectivity. The feature also caters for automatic switching back to the primary...
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Secure, Authenticated Communications for iOS, Andriod and Windows devices from any location

From software V6.1.11, we included a VPN facility called MobileVPN, specifically targeted at catering for roaming users with mobile devices. It provides secure SSL VPN connectivity from iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows to the organisation's network protected by NetPilot or SoHoBlue security appliances. Now from V6.2.5 we can provide centralised Authentication via Active Directory.  

V6.2.5 MobileVPN...

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