Version 5 Hardware and Software – End-of-Lifed

Version 5 Support Ceases – Upgrade with NEW Free Hardware!

We originally distributed an End-of-Life notice for Version 5 Hardware and Software back in 2013 along with the status of even older Version 4 units. Please see: here! 

Version 5 hardware was introduced in 2008 and the platform is just not suitable for securing businesses and schools in 2016.

As a gesture of goodwill we continued to take support calls on V5 software – but this will now (really) cease from 1st July 2016 – some three years later than anticipated!

So what can Version 5 users do now? We have some excellent modern and very capable products and excellent offers for Version 5 customers – including the following whereby you don’t need to pay for new hardware you just buy a 3 year license for the UTM software.

We would recommend that Version 5 users look at the SoHoBlue-25 and SoHoBlue-50 models as they are ideal replacements for most organisations using the now End-of-Lifed NetPilot model.

To discuss ring Jamie Pushman on: 0117 335 7335
Or email

Upgrade from V5  – To Latest Products

Units 3 Year Software Costs – Hardware is included Free!

SH2050/003    SoHoBlue-25                         £900

SH2050/003    SoHoBlue-50                        £1,800

SH2100/003    SoHoBlue-100                       £2,400

R2250/003     NP Globemaster R2250 UTM          £3,900

R2500/003     NP Globemaster R2500 UTM           £7,500

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