Schools – Mobile VPN


NetPilot has a facility called Mobile VPN, specifically targeted at catering for roaming Pupils and Staff with mobile devices such as iPad tablets using Apple iOS and other tablets such as Samsung using Android based software.

It provides secure SSL VPN connectivity to the schools network protected by NetPilot security appliances.

Some real world examples include:

  • Pupils on-campus using secure Wi-Fi connections to update their coursework from their tablet devices
  • Administration and teaching staff in on-campus meetings could update minutes and records using totally secure connections from tablet devices
  • A Head Teacher in a meeting off-campus at say at the local authority offices, could use an iPad or other tablet to totally securely obtain data located back at school, over a G3/G4 network (without having to use the LA network)
  • A Network Manager / ICT Technician off-campus at another school, can connect securely back through the other schools network – or via a G3/G4 connection

Currently supported platforms include iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.  Mobile VPN uses a combination of username/password security and X.509 SSL certificates to combine ease of deployment with high security. Uses full SSL encryption so gives total security.

As well as the new support for iOS and Android devices, an additional benefit of the Mobile VPN implementation is that all VPN configuration is greatly streamlined and configuring a new client on the NetPilot/SoHoBlue appliance is now as simple as creating a new user account.  Thus VPN deployments for Windows client devices are now simplified too!

Some of the key points include:

•  Secure on-campus and off-campus access to central school site
•  Multiple profile support to allow differing connections
•  Secure RDP / email / file server access
•  Ideal for Network Managers and ICT Technicians on the move
•  Uses full SSL encryption so gives total security
•  Works with mobile devices operating over G3/G4 or Wi-Fi