New Software Version unlocks even more UTM throughput power!

We are about to introduce a new version of software – version 6.20 – which unlocks even more power from our NetPilot and SoHoBlue hardware. The new software has been tuned to take even greater advantage of the multi-core processing power of all current hardware models.

Version 6.20 has been optimised for ever faster broadband speeds. Those who are located near their BT green street cabinet can already obtain download speeds approaching 80Mbps with so-called FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) circuits.

However, in 2016/2017 BT will be rolling out even faster technology including G.FAST which which will initially offer speeds of up to 330Mbps (50Mbps upload) before rising to 500Mbps.

The main issue for businesses is that many of our competitors provide SME security appliances which struggle to reach 80Mbps speeds and certainly give up the struggle totally in maintaining reasonable throughput with all UTM security features switched on.

So unlike our competitors, our products equipped with Version 6.20 software can not only offer fully UTM throughput rates at today’s 80Mbps rates but depending on model can also deliver throughput all the way up to 500Mbps. Therefore the good news is that by installing NetPilot and SoHoBlue units you wont need to upgrade to ever more powerful products to keep pace with BT’s innovations. From day one you have all the power you will need.

For Non-BT customers – those who are lucky enough to utilise services from Kingston Communications or Virgin Media – you will already be able to order broadband services with throughputs in excess of 200Mbps. SoHoBlue and NetPilot units have already been tested on both providers services with excellent results.

We will publish more technical details and documentation in early January.

Call Jamie Pushman on 01275 333 608 if your requirement is urgent.

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