Globemaster R21000

NetPilot Globemaster R21000 – Click on image to enlarge


NetPilot Range

The latest generation NetPilot rackmount models integrate all the key hardware and software elements, together with an unparalleled array of Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, into a single internet security appliance. NetPilot reduces complexity and protects users from multiple internal and external threats by combining multiple protection measures into a single appliance. NetPilot comes complete with industry leading VPN capabilities and an accredited firewall. Sitting at the gateway to the network, NetPilot offers a number of subscription-based Unified Threat Management services, including Sophos anti-virus, anti-spam, advanced firewall, Email policy controls and URL content filtering using McAfee technology.

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Globemaster models

Secure Internet and VPN connectivity for larger sized organisations needing high-speed secure internet connectivity with the very best Premium UTM security.

The latest generation NetPilot Globemaster integrates key hardware and software networking elements, together with an unparalleled array of Unified Threat Management (UTM) options, into a single secure internet appliance. Running the very latest V6 software NetPilot Globemaster offers more advanced features and the ability to optionally run sophisticated VPNs – all in a 1U appliance that is less than 40cm deep. The unit’s compact size allows it to fit into the smallest 19″ communications racks.

Three rackmount Globemaster models are currently available, a dual core R2250 model supporting 250 Users, the more powerful R2500 quad-core unit supporting 500 users and the top of the range R21000 unit supporting 1000 users. For smaller networks requiring a rackmount unit supporting up to 100 users, the NetPilot Vanguard R2100 is available.

Globemaster R21000

The high performance top-end NetPilot Globemaster is designed to handle up to 1000 users. It comes with all the VPN and security options to get larger businesses securely communicating across the internet. Globemaster models have been designed to offer total connectivity flexibility, with multiple Ethernet interfaces for tasks such as DMZ or segregated user LANs.

A 12 month subscription to the latest Premium UTM pack is included, offering the complete range of Unified Threat Management services. UTM Premium includes anti-virus for email and browsing powered by Sophos, anti-spam, email policy controls, advanced firewall, IDS/IPS, anti-spyware, software upgrade service and URL content filtering.

This model feature Solid State Storage (SSD). This technology is set to replace the traditional hard disk (HDD) and provides significant benefits over HDD. NetPilot was the first UTM appliance to incorporate SSD technology. SSDs are approximately ten times more reliable than hard disks and consume considerably less power. At the same time SSDs read and write data at 2 or 3 times the speed of hard disks. This means that the new NetPilots use less power and have much better performance than older models.

Product Highlights

UTM Security Features

  • Advanced firewall
  • Anti-virus for email and browsing powered by Sophos
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-spyware
  • Email policy controls
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • URL and Content Filtering
  • Software upgrade serviceManagement Features
  • Easy-to-use system admin interface
  • Statistics and reports
  • Simple configuration
  • Remote support
  • Automatic upgrades

Key VPN Functionality

  • Site to Site, unit to unit
  • Independently Checkmark accredited
  • IPSec as standard
  • Optional upgrade to latest SSL VPN Plus

Other Key Features

  • Web page caching
  • User and group access controls
  • Time-based connectivity controls
  • Web access controls and filters
  • Multiple configurable Ethernet ports for LAN, WAN or DMZ

NetPilot and SoHoBlue ranges