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NetPilot Useful Support Tools


The Tail utility is useful for watching real time activity on log files located on a CachePilot or NetPilot from an Adminsitrator's Windows PC.

Applications include watching who is visiting which web sites and highlighting if sites are being blocked - e.g. users are attempting to get to porn sites etc.

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The WinMTR trace route utility, repeats trace route requests is useful for watching responses from various nodes, and watching where delays are prevalent.

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Ethereal LAN protocol analyser (as demoed in NetPilot Training)

Ethereal is useful for decoding LAN packets.

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Squid Efficiency Analyzer

The Squideff utility is useful for analysing caching effeciency by analysising log files on a CachePilot or NetPilot from an Adminsitrator's Windows PC.

Download Analyzer >>>


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